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Articles marked as 'Republished' were written by me, but first published somewhere else (usually, the predecessor to this site)

  • A Tribute to old friends

    This was originally posted on on 13 April 2006, and from that moment on the site used a dark theme

  • BUGGER Project Listing Plugin

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    The script listed here is a 'plugin' allowing external applications to utilise the Project Table from within BUGGER. It requests details of all projects with 'Advertise' set to Y. It can be used as part of an SSI, or as a module in another app. The code is licensed under the GNU GPL V3 so feel free to use it as you see fit.

  • BUGGER: V0.1

    These release notes were previously published to

  • BUGGER: V0.21

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  • ClaimsDB Listener: V0.1

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  • ClaimsDB Listener: V0.2

    This content was originally published on

  • ClaimsDB Listener: V0.21

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  • ClaimsDB Listener: V0.23

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  • ClaimsDB: 0.1b

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  • ClaimsDB: v0.2

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  • ClaimsDB: V0.21

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  • Computrend Powergrid 902 Powerline Adaptors

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    I ran a variety of basic tests against the Computrend Powergrid 902 Powerline Adaptors, these are the results

  • Email and Captcha Generation Scripts

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    This page is to provide links to a couple of scripts that I knocked together today. One manages and processes Captcha's and the other takes input from a HTML Form and then e-mails it to you.

  • Howto uninstall the Security Tool Scareware package

    A friend recently asked me to take a look at her laptop as it was reporting that it had numerous viruses. When I fired it up, you couldn't run a thing,  but there was numerous warnings about Viruses trying to steal my credit card data.

  • McKinnon Loses Extradition Fight

    This content was originally posted on 3rd April 2007

    In the news today Gary McKinnon has lost his bid to avoid extradition to the US. For those who have not been following his story, he was accused by the US government of breaking into US Government Networks. He does not deny this, nor has he ever done so. However the US want him extradited to America for trial, despite the fact that he repeatedly states that he was only there out of curiosity, and the security on these networks was low enough to be trivial.
  • Netmanage V0.1

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  • New Bug Reporting System online

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    The original system was CGI based and actually looked quite nice. The bastardisation of the interface seen in today's static mirror came much later, after it was rewritten in PHP

  • Pearl Jam Release a Video under the Creative Commons License

    This content was originally published on 21st May 2006

    Pearl Jam have released the Video to "Life Wasted" under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No-Derivs-License This basically means you must give the Original Authors Credit, you cannot use it for commercial gain, and you may not make derived works. Other than that you are free to copy and share it. I think it is fantastic that Pearl Jam are giving something back to the fans, this is the first major record company to release under the Creative commons, and hopefully we will see many more.

  • Republished: A basic guide to the Internet for the Simple Minded

    Originally published on 26 Nov 2009

    There's been something of a furore amongst the PC Brigade about a picture of Michelle Obama that appeared in Google's Image search result. As ever the BBC have launched a debate in the Have Your Say section. Unfortunately for the rest of us, this debate does very little other than highlighting how ill informed a large section of the Internet using populace are.

    So lets dispell a few of the most common misunderstandings that are displayed in the vast array of comments;

  • Republished: A bit of info on the Phorm Debacle

    Originally published on 5 Mar 2008

    The tech news pages are alive with the news that BT, Virgin Media and Talk Talk are planning to sell its customers browsing information to a company named Phorm.

    BT claims that the new 'service' Webwise is intended to improve the browsing safety of its users. It includes a list of Phishing sites, and warns users when they attempt to connect to one of the listed sites. Newsflash for you guys: FIREFOX ALREADY HAS THIS FUNCTIONALITY. Its nothing new, and of no real benefit if you already have a browser that does this. It's also not a lot of use if you are wary of emails from institutions that ask for personal details.
    Unfortunately WebWise also sends your browsing history (and a copy of everything you send/download on unsecured connections) to Phorms servers where they will profile it and effectively mangle some of the pages you download to include adverts that they believe may interest you.
    This mangling will only happen on pages that run adverts from Phorm, not every site will be effected.