DRM has to be stopped

This was originally posted to benscomputer.no-ip.org, you can see it in the archive.

As many people are now aware DRM is a major issue and concern for many. So far DRM software has been included on CDs and to an extent in the Microsoft Windows operating system. But as this article explains that is set to change. Intel are now going to be including DRM in their processors. What does this mean to you? several things, for home users it means, for example, that you will be unable to copy music onto your MP3 player to listen to whilst cycling or in the car etc. You will still be able to listen to the music on your MP3 player but only by moving the original file onto it. This presents a great risk as if your player is damaged or stolen then you have lost your music. Sadly this does not only affect commercial music/videos but any media you may put on to your computer. So if you run a home recording studio for example then your recordings are going to contain DRM.

In addition to this the format supported by this system is going to be WMV and WMA. To use WMV or WMA on a non MS system you need to buy a codec. I have absolutely no doubt that the cost of these codecs will increase once the system is in place.

As with all DRM there will undoubtedly be a method of circumventing it, however this is of course illegal.

So the question is do you, the consumer want to not only pay out extra cash to have your rights restricted, but also to find that in order to complete some tasks you need to break the law or pay another sum of money?????

In this case there is a lot that can be done to help prevent this issue from affecting you. Firstly and most importantly boycott Intels processors, in reality AMD are generally a lot better anyway. Secondly write to your MP explaining your concerns about the issue and ensure they know enough about the issue that if and when something does come up in the commons they can make your voice heard.

DRM is and always has been a restriction of the end users rights, the only people it really affects are honest law abiding citizens.

As an after thought think about the exploits already in circulation for Sonys XCP program, imagine the number that will be available for this hardware.