Republished: Phorm's History

Originally published on on 13 August 2008

I've noticed that the number of links on the main page to stories about Phorm is quite large, so to make the stories a more useful resource I decided to create an index with all Phorms links on it.
The newest entries can be found at the bottom of the page, and all links will open in a new window/tab.

  • Check Phorm's Stock Value

  • An Idea for BT

  • The Register's Phorm Files

  • A bit of info on the Phorm Debacle

  • The second time I've contacted BT about Phorm

  • Nobody wants Phorm checking their data

  • Phorm needs better protection

  • MP's pile pressure on over Phorm

  • Bad PR? Edit your own Wikipedia Article!

  • BBC Reports on Phorm controversy

  • Phorming Relationships

  • Phorm failed to inform the Home Office about it's tests

  • BT takes backward approach to RIPA

  • UK Govt fails to respond to the EU

  • Police close BT/Phorm Investigation

  • Phorm Considers Consumer Incentives

  • BT's third Phorm Trial starts tomorrow (30th September 2008)

  • Phorm Loses more money

  • Onus on Account Holders to Warn Users about Phorm

  • Poison Phorm's Clickstream

  • More Execs quit Phorm

  • Phorm CEO clashes with Tim Berners-Lee in Parliament

  • Phorm your own Opinions

  • Amazon Blocks Phorm

  • rejects Phorm

  • The links between Phorm and BERR

  • Wikimedia blocks Phorm

  • Virgin not backing out of Phorm yet

  • No Phoul Play Involved, Good Phorm by BadPhorm

  • The best bits of StopPhoulPlay

  • A quick look at WebWise Discoverer

  • Jonaba highlights exactly why Webwise Discover got 76% Approval

  • Phorm, PR Master or PR Disaster?

  • A look at BT's Trial Documentation