ClaimsDB Listener: V0.1

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As promised previously, Claims_DB has become net aware. Technically it's still not net aware, but I've created a 'listener' script for it. The basic impact of this is that you will be able to host your database on a seperate system to the front-end.

The listener script is actually a CGI script, so you will need a HTTP daemon running on the database server, but with the likes of LightHTTPD using so little memory, it felt a bit pointless writing an actual daemon. There is an argument that running a HTTP daemon on the server un-necessarily provides another attack vector and increases overhead, but it's apples and pears.

I lack the time that I'd want to ensure that any listening network daemon was secure, so it seems better to allow the end-user to choose which service they want to run. As long as the HTTP server supports CGI's and you have BASH on the system, this script should work for you.

You can grab V0.1 of the script here.

To understand how to serve the system requests, take a look at the Protocol Documentation

It's being run as a seperate project so that I can focus on getting the functionality of Claims_DB up to scratch, it's likely that the listener script will lag behind the main project a little most of the time (although it does currently support functionality that I haven't finished implementing yet!)