Republished: Climate Change affects us in ways you would not expect

Originally published on 27 Nov 2009

It's becoming increasingly clear that Climate Change definitely effects the Human race, but not in ways that you may think. The Australian Government is currently in chaos with a massive Liberal revolt, the cause? Climate Change.

Many of the Liberals do not believe that man is responsible for the current warming trend (a view, incidentally, I agree with.) and so are refusing to pass a bill through the Australian Senate where the Democratic Government is severely under represented. The end result of this is that the Prime Minister may call a snap election (I don't understand Australian Politics, but this sounds a bit strange!). Even the Liberal leader says that a snap election would harm the Liberals greatly.

Whatever your feelings with regards to Climate Change, it must at least strike you as crazy to see the amount of disruption the whole debate causes? As has been highlighted time and time again, the figures just don't truly add up. We've seen examples of figures being massaged to support the hypothesis, and Climate research is a major black hole for funding.

Our taxes have been raised in the name of Climate change, and the Government has spent an inordinate amount of money creating adverts that use ill-advised scare tactics. Yet none of what is being said has actually been shown to be factual. They are all examples of what could happen or be happening.

For crying out loud, the Government has even wasted questions in the driving theory test on the Climate. These tests were introduced to improve road safety for us all, these questions do nothing to aid the abilities of potential drivers. Once again political will is creeping where it shouldn't, it's absolute madness!!!!!!

I acknowledge that some will undoubtedly disregard this article instantly, I am clearly a Climate Change denier and therefore must be mad, selfish and arrogant. Hopefully however, some will climb from their high horse and actually take the time to ponder on just how much of an impact these unproved hypotheses are having on our daily life.