Republished: Nobody wants Phorm checking their data

Originally published on on 12 March 2008

The ISP's may not believe that no-one wants Phorm intercepting their traffic, but Phorms share price certainly seems to have taken a hit since the plans were made public. Someone out there certainly recognises that most people are not going to want this so-called service

Perhaps this may help motivate the ISP's to fulfil their customers needs rather than chasing the elusive golden penny.

On the Plus Side, Carphone Warehouse are looking a tbuilding a 'wall' between customers that opt-out and Phorms hardware, so this is a step in the right direction at least. The others may soon follow suit, though comments on the net suggest that these three ISP's have already lost quite a good portion of customers.
BT are pushing their luck with me, I've sent them two e-mails about this, had one reply that was completely irrelevant to my original communication, and no reply since. I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt for now, as there are presumably internal talks happening about the Phorm issue, but they only have so long before I decide to change ISP.