Email and Captcha Generation Scripts

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This page is to provide links to a couple of scripts that I knocked together today. One manages and processes Captcha's and the other takes input from a HTML Form and then e-mails it to you.

It saves having your e-mail address in a mailto link, and the captcha's will help reduce the amount of spam you receive.

Captcha rotates Captcha's regularly, and stores the Captcha's value locally rather than as a hidden element of the form. Scripts later in the processing chain can then reference the value.

Captcha gets it's information from the CaptchaDB which is a simple text database, there are examples contained within the link. The use of &MATHS=Y signifies that the Captcha is a mathematical question, rather than a simple copying excercise, this affects the output of captcha

Email's is a CGI Script utilising Captcha, it takes its input from a HTML form. That input is then e-mailed to the site owner, with a unique reference.

You can see all of these in use on the Contact Me page.