A Tribute to old friends

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At the time of writing this, I have been out of High School for 3 Years. Today I learned that a good school mate has died. This is the second person from our year to have died already (That I know of). I thought it was about time I paid Tribute to Daniel and Lee.

When we started High School, both were in my Form and we soon got to know each other well. We used to go out together and cause all kinds of trouble. A lot of what we did probably wasn't entirely legal, whether dustcapping or skating in the street, We even used to go and have "wars" with BB guns at Holywells park. The point is we enjoyed ourselves. When I bunked off school Daniel was normally there with me. In Year 9 Lee was moved to another form and we slowly began to drift apart. However the news of his unfortunate demise last year still saddened me, the worst part of it is that I read about it in the paper and didn't even realise it was him. They both were always full of energy, and I remember numerous sleep overs. When we were young we always thought we would live forever, and were always doing things with no regard to our future or our safety. It seems that we were sadly mistaken, and now two of my friends are gone.

Death is always unfortunate, so it is even more unfortunate the way in which these two have died. Lee passed away as a result of a boating accident, whilst Daniel's death is as yet unexplained, all that is really known about is that he fell of a bridge.

I sincerely regret that I was unable to make it to either of their funerals, Daniels funeral has already been held, and I was working at the time of Lee's.

I hope in the years to come people will remember them for the good things they did, and not the mischief we got up to. They were both good people, and I will remember them fondly. My sympathies go out to both families, it is always a bad thing when a parent outlives their child.

Two deaths in 3 years is a horrible figure, and I hope that there will be no more for many years to come. If this trend continues there will be very little of our year left come the 50 year reunion.

To both Daniel and Lee I say goodbye my old friends and rest in peace

As a mark of respect, any pages I add to the site today will have black backgrounds

Ben - 13-04-2006