Pearl Jam Release a Video under the Creative Commons License

This content was originally published on 21st May 2006

Pearl Jam have released the Video to "Life Wasted" under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No-Derivs-License This basically means you must give the Original Authors Credit, you cannot use it for commercial gain, and you may not make derived works. Other than that you are free to copy and share it. I think it is fantastic that Pearl Jam are giving something back to the fans, this is the first major record company to release under the Creative commons, and hopefully we will see many more.

The Clip is available from Google Video from May 19th to May 24th. After that the clip will go on sale, but you are free to copy and distribute the clip once you have downloaded it. More information can be found on the Creative Commons site.

I sincerely hope many othe record companies will replicate this, in my mind it makes sense to give away videos to some of the tracks, and then sell the CD/MP3 so that people can listen to it on the move. Admittedly most MP3 players can now handle videos, and you could just rip the audio from the video, but if the MP3/CD is the right place most people wouldn't bother. It all comes back to whether the Record companies overprice everything. I applaud J Records for this Fantastic decision.

Even if you do not like Pearl Jam download this Video, it'll will help show the Record Company that this is what the community wants, and we may in turn see more releases like this.

Shifty_ben 11:44 21/05/2006