ClaimsDB: v0.2

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As promised, Claims_DB V0.2 is officially released, there have been a few changes in the latest development. These include;

  • Implementation of new functions
  • Prevention of a Data Clashes in Multiuser systems
  • Activation of record deletion function

The system still uses temporary files but uses its PID to try and make the filename unique. It's still not fantastic at tidying up behind it, but it's getting there. If you want a faster response, it may be worth configuring the system to use a RAM disk as its temporary location.

The temporary file location is now defined in /etc/claims_db.conf allowing for quick configuration throughout the system.

There are also some minor bugfixes, see the changelog for more details.

This is an incremental release so please replace the components with the ones listed here, if you have not yet installed the system, please grab the V0.1 tarball and replace its program files with these.

A full release will be made at the next release stage!

As ever, any bug reports are welcome. Please leave them on the Contact Me Page