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It's been a long time coming, but tonight a full build of BUGGER has been released. Although still sitting well within the realm of experimental software the 8250 lines of code in the latest release implements the following features;

  • Bug Reports
  • Project Summaries
  • Documentation Pages (Currently incomplete)
  • Release Pages (Currently incomplete)
  • TODO lists
  • Changelogs
  • User Access Control
  • Ability to Delete/Disable Users
  • Ability to Comment on Bug Reports
  • Admin Controlled Captchas for Bug Reports and Comments
  • Caching of Changelogs, TODO lists and Bug Report Pages
  • Administrators can refresh/delete cache files
  • Administrators can clear temporary files
  • Ability to mark bugs as Unassigned, Closed - Resolved, Closed - Need more info, Assigned to Developer, Suspended for testing.
  • Reporting of Comment Spam to Administrators
  • Timestamp logging of Releases/Documents/Comments
  • Autocompletion of name/e-mail address for Logged In users
  • 3 Levels of User Access Privilege - User, Moderator, Developer, Administrator


To run BUGGER you will need;

A Webserver (Apache recommended)
Awk, Sed, Grep
A text editor for initial configuration

The system will run without SendEmail, you just won't be notified of any new bugs that have been logged. It's strongly recommended that if you don't currently have SendEmai installed and can live without the alerts for a while, wait for the next release when there's less chance of your inbox getting filled daily!

Getting BUGGER V0.21

You can view the project changelog here.

You can download the release from here - MD5 Hash 8bddf67174834f679326b484a1d37c6e.

The Project Summary page is available here.

Installation instructions are included in the tarball, but you can also view them here.

The software still lacks a few features, however the next few months of development have been planned, and the project is already ahead of schedule! If you experience any issues with this release your feedback would be greatly appreciated, you can log reports in BUGGER, or if that should fail then please Contact Me directly.