Republished: A suggestion for BT

Originally published on on 27 October 2008

Given that BT claim to be creating a network level opt-out from Phorm, I thought I would give them a bit of a helping hand. They claim that although it will be implemented, it's unlikely to be in place by the time the WebWise system is rolled out.

My first suggestion is made knowing that BT are unlikely to adopt it;

  • Ditch Phorm - Your customers do not want this technology

  • Now, regardless of arguments about Opt-In versus Opt-Out, it is quite simple for BT to create an account level opt-out.

  • Use the HomeHub - BT's HomeHub is the connection between a customer and BT's network. Create a setting on the HomeHub to opt-in to the WebWise system. This is already in place for services such as BT Fon, Broadband Talk, and a variety of others.

  • Given that not all customers have HomeHubs, the service really should be Opt-In, this will avoid users of different Network Equipment being Opted In with no way to Opt-out.
    The setting on the HomeHub would determine the route that traffic takes (i.e. through Phorm's super secret spy hardware, or through more conventional hardware).

    As long as the service is provided as Opt-In, the above should be a suitable solution, the interface on the HomeHub is dumbed down so that more or less anyone can use it, and if a customer is really that interested in adding WebWise to their connection, they will quite happily log on and activate it.

    As I have just saved BT a small fortune in pointless R&D, I am quite happy to accept my consultation fee by cheque!

    Just not going to happen is it!