The Little Mouse

This content was originally posted to 5 May 2008. Only the PDF format has been preserved

With the benefit of hindsight, I'd say painkillers played quite heavily in the creation of this post.....

Perhaps it's the product of watching too many episodes of Black Books, or perhaps it's simply the product of getting bored on a Bank Holiday Monday. Whatever the cause, I created a Childrens book today. The storyline isn't thrilling (but then I'm not a child) and the graphics aren't great (I've never been much of an artist) but it does the job.

It's available under the Creative Commons Non-Commercial Attribution License (See the link in this pages footer for more information) so as long as you aren't doing it for commercial reasons, feel free to modify and re-distribute it.

In the unlikely event anyone wants it for commercial reasons, they can use the 'Contact Me' page to, well, Contact Me.

It's available in several formats;

  • OpenDocument Format
  • Portable Document Format
  • Shockwave Flash Format (click to advance)
  • HTML Format

  • It isn't much, but if anyone likes it, or improves it, it would be nice to hear.