Republished: Manual Database Retrieval Script for ZoneAlarm

Originally published on Jun 2008 (Note: Attached Script still works at time of Republishing)


I was browsing the net earlier to try and find an answer to whether it is possible to manually download the ZoneAlarm Anti-Virus signatures. For those wondering why you would want to, standalone machines can't access the net to download the signatures, but are still subject to users with CD's and USB sticks. The easy way would be to update ZoneAlarm on a net connected PC and then copy the files from C:\Windows\System32\Zonelabs\avsys\base\ but if you don't have access to one, but do have a Linux Box then the script I have written will fetch the files for you (there are a lot, but they only add up to about 30 megs at time of writing).


ZoneAlarm gets details of the files from an XML file - Here (if you use Firefox it will throw out a parsing error, just use view source to see the true file) so I needed to parse the file and strip out the unneeded info.

You can download the script - FetchAvUpdate - from here.

Once you have the files transfer them to the standalone (USB key, CD or a pile of floppys, you choose!) and dump them into C:\Windows\system32\Zonelabs\avsys\base\ overwriting any existing files along the way.

ZoneAlarm may not show the date of the latest update, but it will be referencing the new signatures as far as I can tell.

File: FetchAVUpdate