New Bug Reporting System online

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The original system was CGI based and actually looked quite nice. The bastardisation of the interface seen in today's static mirror came much later, after it was rewritten in PHP

Although there's not been many updates posted on the site recently, there has been a lot of work going on in the background. Although there are a number of projects available for download on the site, to date there's been no easy way to report Bugs and errrors.

This has now been rectified in the form of BUGGER. The functionality is limited at the moment, you need to know the Bug ID in order to load information on it, but improvements are planned in the very near future. The system is currently taking precedence over Claims_DB as there is obviously very little point in further development until we can receive some feedback on the system.

The name is simple to understand, it's BUGGER as in - The systems broken! Have you BUGGERed it?

If anyone wants to take a look at the various interfaces, there is a bug currently reported in the system with Bug ID 1. You can also access it via this link. BUGGER will have the Captcha Project integrated into it's interface very soon, but for the time being there is a basic Captcha style test.