BUGGER Project Listing Plugin

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The script listed here is a 'plugin' allowing external applications to utilise the Project Table from within BUGGER. It requests details of all projects with 'Advertise' set to Y. It can be used as part of an SSI, or as a module in another app. The code is licensed under the GNU GPL V3 so feel free to use it as you see fit.

Download - MD5 Checksum: b217ff2dd085d95f67670783f72799dc

The script does not utilise caching at the moment, the response time appears to be pretty good so the additional cycles used to check caches would only lead to slower responses at the moment. Caching may be implemented in later releases however.

The next release of BUGGER will contain a project listing page, however the BUGGER page will list all projects stored within the database. This one simply shows projects that you have elected to allow 3rd party apps to advertise.