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Professor describes Climate Change as Pseudoscientific Fraud

EU Sues UK Over Phorm

PM asks for McKinnon Leniency

Google Grilled over WiFi Slurp

Facebook agrees to optional CEOP Panic Buttons

Australian Firewall is UnDemocratic

Apple quizzed about Geolocation changes to App Store Policy

Privacy International jumps on Google Bandwagon

BBC Wins go ahead for Freeview HD content restrictions

Dell states Ubuntu 'more secure' than Windows

Is Steve Jobs Pride leading Apple to a fall

MS forcibly install Firefox plugin.... Again

No 64bit Office 2011 for Mac

Twitter Bomb Joker to Appeal

MPEG LA Starts Patent Trolling

Paramore Lead singers pic leaked onto Twitter

iApp Store incompatible with GPL

Bangladesh follows Pakistan in blocking Facebook

Daily Mail caught nicking photos

BT Threatened with Giant Wooden Cheque

Tory MP shoots self in foot with Tech Illiterate post to Tech News Site

Normal Human Being reviews the iPad

Behavioural Ad study results somewhat unsurprising

MS kills Select

MSI tells customers to RTFM

Dell refuses to refund Windows Tax

Irate Aussies try to attack US Site. Ex-Pat Aussie unable to return home - ever

Norwegian ISP wins through on Pirate Bay Block Case

Aussie Comms Minister adds another Fail to his list

iPhone crap for healthcare needs

A Decade in DRM

BT Could face Criminal trial over Phorm

The Star the shouldn%27t exist

Apple in infect books with DRM

Nohl highlights critical weakness in DECT Encryption

Mozilla lets two Trojan Addons slip through

Digital Economy Bill could infringe users rights

More people agree with Amazon than the book publishers

A third of Facebook users altered Privacy Settings

Holes poked in E-banking

Google to pay bounties for Chrome Bug Reports

Conmen target gullible Apple faithful

Danes ditch MS for ODF

Ofcom revokes Teletext license

Security risk to iPads discussed

EU to investigate and overhaul privacy

BPI opposed to Scareletters

Win 7 having problems with Laptop Batteries

Adobe dissapointed in flashless iPad

No iBooks on iPad for UK

PhonePayPlus to investigate iPhone Premium calls

TalkTalk will continue to fight Digital Economy Bill under a Conservative Government

Aurora circulated for years on English speaking sites

PunterNet gets more free publicity

Jammie Thomas gets Damages Cut

Australia leaves the Internet

BT Infinity will be throttled

Google betas Flash-Free Youtube

WGA Case Denied Class Action Status

Music Cartel not finished with Oink

Hacker brings multitouch to the Nexus One

Microsoft demands Cloud Computing Laws

RockYou hack reveals the depressing truth about peoples password selections

Nominet nominates itself as web police

Microsoft sues Tivo

Firefox 3.6 Released

New York Times to start charging for access again in 2011

DVLA made 44 Million by selling Drivers Details

UN issues call for Internation Privacy Agreement

Why Bono is wrong about filesharing

Swedish Necrophilliacs pull Facebook stunt

Opera absorbs mobile ad firm

Could 2010 be the year of the fruit

17 Year Old Privilege Escalation Bug found in Windows

Firefox sees increase in Downloads after IE Warnings

Bing bots go crazy and bring down Perl Server

Lib Dems Suggest Amendment to Digital Economy Bill

No China Exit for MS

Health Nets bill colud run into tens of millions

The demise of true chocolate begins

Microsoft and German Publishers hit Google with AntiTrust Suit

Oxford Bans Spotify

N-Dubz rapper caught sending abusive SMS

Oink Admin Cleared

Government rejects Tory criticism of CyberSecurity

Facebook Con Collared

NDET called into CRU Email Investigation

McKinnon granted stay of Extradition

T-Mobile marks two tarrifs as scrap

Europeans rule that Section 44 of the Terrorism Act is unlawful. Home Office Cracks on anyway

MS continues to try and push its product on impressionable minds

Australia considers removing artistic exemptions in the name of child safety

Google may exit china after attacks

Microsoft attempts to patent a new licensing arrangement

Cybersitter sues Chinese Government and Distributors for Green Dam Infringements

Italian consumer group plans class action lawsuit over pre-installed Windows

Times slapped by ASA for yet another Bogus Climate Change Claim

TalkTalk point out that Bono is a knob

Bono toes Music Industry Line

Old Bill caught breaking IT rules

China arrests thousands for Porn

DDoS attack knocks Amazon and Others out in California

Software Fraudster conned CIA into groundingflights

ComCast sued for blocking BitTorrent

ComCast sued for blocking BitTorrent

Google without Affiliate links

More travel firms refuse to accept National ID Card

Amazon Kindle DRM broken

Closeted lesbian sues Netflix for Privacy Invasion

Ferry Giant refuses ID Card

MS Loses custom XML appeal

MS Admit theft of Splurk

Best Buy etc hit with GPL Violation lawsuit

Make Rage Against the Machine Christmas Number One

Orbiting Telescopes could find Higgs Boson before the LHC

Google demonstrates Quantum Image Search

Why ancient rainfall estimates may be skewed

Trend Micro claims Default Win 7 less secure than Vista

Parcel Farce still not HTML Compliant

Detica Trial Begins

MS Re-releases Win 7 Download Tool under GPLV2

Music Industry Debut Website falls over

Villagers revolt over BT Chairmans Broadband

More Bullying letters to be sent out by tech ignorant ambulance chasers ACS Law

Climate claims could lead to a snap election in Australia

Inquiry into Climate E-mails may happen

WikiPedia denies mass exodus

Virgin Media to trial Filesharing detection system

First malicious iPhone Worm appears

Cigarette smoke could void your Apple Warranty

Siverlight develops a Windows Bias

Lawyers want banned Xbox livers to file Class Action

MS Denies NSA Backdoor

Why IE9 is going to cause a lot of frustration

AOL asks for 2500 redundancy volunteers

Twitter says Murdoch should be more open

MS ordered to stop selling XP in China

Are Microsoft to blame for hidden malware costs?

SSL Renegotiation Bug Exploited

Keyless Win 7 Actiation possible

MS admits GPL bviolation

MS to open Win 7 Themes for advertising

Win 7 DoS Flaw Uncovered

Attackers use Twitter to conceal Drive by downloads

Commentard loses Anonymity

Youtube trials skippable ads

US Patent system could hang on one ruling

Changes to Libel law requested

Flash AhAhhhh

New rootkit protection

MS Violate GPL Again

How malware can seriously ruin your life

Mandriva 2010 Released

Worms returning

Southwark Council Sues IBM

TalkTalk to challenge Disconnection plans in Court

Government to clarify Copyright Extensions with Model Contracts

Ignoring P2Pers costing Music Biz dearly

Another Drugs advisor quits

Gmail Outage

Cannabis Advisor sacked

Facebook Scammer fined 711 Million Dollars

Norway warns Amazon about Kindle

Value of Copper Rises

A report on Climate Fools Day

Facebook to share more user data with Advertisers

UK gets last warning over Phorm

Stating the bleeding obvious about size 0 girls

Win 7 Ad not sincere

Arnie fires fantastic F*ck you

Dont Disconnect Us

Mandy Still Wants to Disconnect People

Koala due for release in 2 Days

The French get something right

Bloggers complain about non existent tax change

MS pull out of Family Guy

Games Developers want Tax breaks

US DoD Corrects a few open source myths

China accuses Google of Censorship

Idiot musicians sue Google again

Danger lurks in the clouds

Mckinnon case put on hold pending investigation

LHC Cooling Begins

Don't use Windows for Internet Banking

Compulsory IWF Plans Dropped

TalkTalk demonstrate stupidty of Filesharing Disconnections

Stripsearch scanner in Manchester Trial

Snow Leopard causing massive data losses

Hack Idol coming soon

China bans foreign companies from online game scene

Latest iPhone OS Jailbroken

NASA hits the moon with LCROSS

Ralph Lauren cops to Photoshop cock up

Drowing Dog CO2 cost 6Million

Patent Troll brings new suit

Paypal banishes White hat

Neutrons could be used to communicate with subs

Remote Controlled Beetles

Evolutionary image banned from school as religous

Software owned not licensed

Hotmail users fall for Phishing attack

ICAAN becomes independant of US Govt

Americans reject behavioural advertising

National ID to get nice cartoon advert

Phishing hits 2 year high

France OKs Three Strike Law

Bank sends confidential data to Gmail account

Broadband Tax to become law before election

Tweeting Medics breaching Patient Confidentiality

DoJ urges court to reject Googlebooks Pact

Google to allow crawling of Google Apps Documents

Facebook hacking service probably a scam

Windows 7 Sins goes Global

Scammers pose as BT and Ofcom

Two Year hole in Yahoo Webmail remains unfixed

Stop Phoul Play drops off the Interwebs

Ex BT Chief Quits Phorm

RBS WoldPay downplay security issue

Turing gets PostHumous Apology

Sky Petition Defaced

Some Twitterers Sad pathetic and downright dangerous

Filesharing figures unreliable

Incompetence bigger security risk than Malign users

Lad gets certificate for boarding bus

DDoS Target Blogger blames Kremlin

Malaysia considering Green Dam Twin

New Eco TLD to come in 2010

Tree Huggers suggest peeing in shower

Copyright Cops raid Filesoup

Obamas Cybersecurity Director Quits

Scareware mimics BSOD

Tenebaum receives 700000 Dollar fine

MS update breaks Office for Mac

Smartphones still susceptible to SMS attack

Mckinnon loses appeal

EU and US to renegotiate bank scrutiny deal

Windows 7 Activation Code leaked

Guinness Is Good For You

Pirate Bay faces new challenge

Star Trek metal brought to life

ASDA tries to avoid breaking the law. Father complains

MS suggests Ballot screen

Pirate Bay still controversial

Karoo disconnecting suspected priates without due process

Police and ISP cock up leads to Innocent being called a pedophile

7 ready for RTM apparantly

Adobe Flash Attack in the Wild

Redmond almost closes SoapBox

MS Open Source Release due to GPL Violation

Top CCTV Cop wants no more cameras

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