Webhosting Terms and Conditions

Whether your webhosting has been arranged formally or informally, these terms and conditions form part of your agreement. As such, whilst is hosting your content, you must ensure that you comply at all times. Breach of these terms may lead to an immediate termination of your agreement, and additional charges may be levied.

Please familiarise yourself with these terms regularly, it is your responsibility to note any changes and action any required changes to your content.

  1. Where FTP and SSH access is provided the user must make no attempt to access any areas of the server other than those for which they have authority. All activity is logged and infringements of this clause may lead to the contract being terminated without prior notice or refund of payments made.

  2. Backups will be made regularly to magnetic medium, if the user requires optical backup then they must specify this in writing. The cost per optical backup is 0.30

  3. No inappropriate content must be stored on this server, this includes but is not limited to Copyrighted material, Pornography and all forms of malware. If any material is found it will be removed without prior notice.

  4. Anything considered Illegal in the UK is not suitable for publishing here, similarly anything considered illegal in your own country should also not be published or stored on our servers. Breach of this term will lead to immediate removal of the content, and may lead to a termination of contract

  5. Anything reasonably believes to be illegal (i.e. Child Pornography, incitement of terrorism) will be removed and reported to the appropriate authorities. Infringing this clause may lead to the discontinuation of the contract, without refund of payments made.

  6. If we reasonably believe that you are publishing content that is legal, but unacceptable, we may ask you to remove it. If you feel that this request is unreasonable, we will discuss it, but any decision made by us is final. This is most likely to occur when publishing material intended to cause offence.

  7. All activity on the server is logged, any attempts to gain unauthorised access to any area of the server will lead to the discontinuation of your contract, with no refunds being made.

  8. Any attempts to connect to any other computer, or any form of attack on any computer made from the server will lead not only to the discontinuation of your contract with no refund payable, but also to the notification of your ISP of such activities. Additionally a surcharge will be made in order to cover the costs of the relevant Administration.

  9. Any contract terminations that result from infringements of these clauses are not subject to refund. All payments made however far in advance will be retained, and where authorities have been contacted an additional surcharge may be made.

  10. Certain file types are not to be stored on the server at all. These include video files, whether copyrighted or not, small snippets of non copyrighted audio are acceptable, but any audio exceeding either 5 seconds in length or 1.44MB in size will be removed.

  11. These terms and conditions may change at any time without prior notice. To see the latest Terms and Conditions please look within the Terms folder in your webhosting environment or to the terms and conditions page found from the main page of the webserver.

  12. The Webhosting service is not liable (to the fullest extent of the law) for any data loss, website alterations or any other circumstances that may occur as a result of us hosting your website.

  13. Personal information supplied by you (including this contract) will be kept in a manner complying with the Data Protection Act.

  14. We reserve the right to pass any of your information onto the appropriate authorities at my discretion.

  15. The first payment must be made in advance, payments should then be made regularly from then onwards. Advance payments are also acceptable

  16. All effort will be made to ensure the service remains consistent, however we cannot be liable for loss of any kind that a server outage may cause.

  17. We reserve the right to terminate the contract at any point. If the termination is as a result of a breach of the terms and conditions then no refund is payable. Unless the cause is a breach of contract We are under no obligation to disclose the reason for termination of contract. We will, where possible, endeveaour to provide fourteen days notice of cease of contract, however where a cessation occurs as a result of a breach of these terms, no notice will be necessary.

  18. Certain circumstances may occur which require us to terminate your contract with little or no prior notice, should this occur then we will make every effort possible to secure you access to your data. However, in these circumstances we will not be liable for any costs that you may reasonably incur as a result of the termination

  19. You may terminate the contract at any time, however written notice is necessary, and all remaining fees must be paid at the time of termination. You are under no obligation to provide a reason as to your termination.

  20. Upon termination your website will be taken offline, where FTP access is provided you will have the period of 7 days to copy your files from the server, unless the termination is as a result of a breach of clauses (3) or (4) or (5) or (6) or (9) before they are removed. After the 7 day grace period has concluded, you may contact us in writing to obtain whatever files were included in the most recent backup. Should you require this service a charge of 4.00 will be levied to cover the cost of Postage, and the Optical Medium itself.

  21. If upon termination of your contract FTP is not provided, you will be provided with a URL where you will be able to download a compressed version of your data. This option will remain for 7 Days. However if the termination has occurred due to a breach of these Terms and Conditions, this option will not be made available.

Terms and Conditions last updated Sunday 15 March 2009