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Welcome to Porcelain Pictures. This page shows images from within our collection that we believe are worthy of extra attention.

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I hope you enjoy our work!

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This image reminds me just how strange even the most simple things can become
60's Flower
I see this bridge almost every day, and I very rarely see it in this light!
Orwell Bridge
I find the contrast between the sky and the archway quite alluring
Archway with Clouds

My first really successful piece of abstract work, the image actually prints a little lighter than it appears on screen and you can see a true metallic reflection
I still have no idea what type of flower this is, but it reminds me of a sea anenome
Purple Flower Two
This reminds me of a nice idyllic peaceful scene
Life on the river

This bridge is right next to Needham Lake
Needham Bridge
I always find myself drawn to images of naked trees, the natural intricacy of their branches fascinates me
Dusk at the boating lake 2
Another piece of abstract art that I am truly pleased with, this is the first of my own work that I have ever ordered on canvas
Unusual Weather

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