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I seem to find myself disputing the way quite a few organisations act. So many in fact that I cannot believe I am the only person who has problems with the way I am treated by Companies, Organisations and Local Authorities.

So for the resource of any person who may find it of use, I have indexed all my disputes.

This page is segregated into current disputes and resolved disputes. If you are having problems with a company it may well be worth looking at some of my archives as similar companies often have similar practices.

However these are not 'one fits all' solutions, you will need to write your own letters written specifically for your case.

Most importantly remember it will cost you £30 to represent yourself in a small claims court, it will cost a company a lot more!

The easiest way to stop a company from ripping you off is simply not to use them, I no longer have a TV or a TV License because the Licensing lot messed me around on my payments.

Legal Damages are not awarded in small claims courts so you are not going to find yourself lumped with their legal bill. But please make sure it is you who is right and not them before you write your first letter.

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Current Disputes

HSBC Bank Charges amounting to 415 in August 2007

HSBC Tries to apply it's illegal charges again

Resolved Disputes

Alliance& Leicester, bank charges and a failure of process


HSBC - Bank charges

Ipswich Parking Department

The AA

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