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Shifty_bens Profile

Real Name: Ben Tasker
- LinkedIn Profile

Benjamin Tasker

Public Keys
Been using Linux Since: 1999
Favourite Programming language: BASH scripts, or C for a non interpreted language
Age: 19
Nationality: British

I have been using computers since I was 6, I orginally started out of a Mac. I believe it was version 4. I have used every version of windows extensively, and found each of them to have their own individual flaws and benefits. I have used a variety of Linux distros, my favourite of which being the installed-from-source distro Gentoo. I have also used FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD.
I have worked on a variety of projects, some of which are available from on this server, I also have an extensive background of webdesign.
I am a fellow of FSFE and a big advocate of all that is free (as in speech).
I am also a passionate Photographer. You can view (and purchase) some of my work here and here.

My Profile can be found here

One of the pages I have designed can be found here
A list of the operating systems I have used can be found here

Computer Skills
About me
The Future


  • A good knowledge of wines developed through my employment with First Quench

  • Basic Knowledge of Motorcycle Mechanics

  • Good Knowledge of Electronics

  • Good team worker

  • Good Punctuality

  • Well organised

  • Open , confident and friendly

  • Good use of communication

  • Good at time management

  • Experience of basic managerial tasks

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    Computer Skills

  • Good use and Application of ICT

  • Programming skills including BASH, DOS Batch files, C++, CSH, Perl, SQL, Visual Basic, BASIC, Javascript.

  • Experience of Webserver administration through running a personal webhosting business.

  • I regularly offer help, advice and support on a Linux User Forum

  • 5 years Linux System Administrator experience

  • 13 years experience with Microsoft Operating Systems

  • 4 years experience of using Macintosh operating systems

  • Experience of Website development using HTML, PHP and Javascript for both corporate and non corporate clients.

  • Highly skilled at manually removing many types of Malware from Microsoft based Operating Systems.

  • Advanced user of the Microsoft Office Suite

  • Experienced with a wide range of applications.

  • Good understanding of the benefits of Open Source Software

  • Experience at developing a new systems roll out plan

  • Experience of offering support through both my personal webhosting business and day to day troubleshooting with friends and family.

  • Good knowledge of both wired and wireless networking technology.

  • Experience in maintaining network security including the configuration of both software and hardware firewalls, scheduling regular Anti-Virus spam and also network activity logging.

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    About me

    I have an extensive amount of experience with ICT in many forms. I began using computers at the age of 6 years, and am experienced in the use and confiugration of the Macintosh environment, The MS Windows Operating systems, DOS and several Unix based operating systems including Linux.

    I also have experience in configuring and running a web server. My home computer runs an Apache Webserver and hosts several pages, including an application to stream webcam. In addition to this I have set up and maintained web servers for friends that have wanted to host their own sites. This had led to me developing a knowledge not only of the Apache Web Servers but also of Microsofts Internet Information Services.
    I am also experienced in Networking and have some experience in maintaining network security, I gained this through experimentation on several networks in order to enhance my understanding of where network security flaws lie. Through use of the NESSUS security scanner I am now able to identify potential security risks, and then manually correct them.
    Through the study of ICT and the maintenance of a simple Peer to Peer network at home I also understand the theories underlying networking including Optimal Network Topologys. I regularly configure and maintain an IP-Tables based software firewall by hand, and am also developing a knowledge of sendmail mail servers. Through the developement of a variety of different servers I have gained an understanding of the need and use of Port Forwarding on NAT Firewalls.

    I also have a basic knowledge of programming, I can create simple programs in languages such as Javascript, Java, C, and BASIC. At the age of 12 I wrote a simple internal email system in the QBASIC language. Although It was incredibly limited, I still feel however that at the age of 12 this is quite a feat. The documentation for this can be found in the ICT section fo this portfolio.
    Alongside my skills in HTML I have also developed some very basic skills in the PHP script language. Through use of a Linux Operating system on my home machine I have also developed shell scripting skills including the BASH and CSH languages.
    Through use of the Windows operating system I have become quite experienced and efficient at removing Malware ranging from Viruses to Spyware. I can use Registry editors to disable the program from starting, and in some cases have written DOS Batch files to remove the offending program at the next restart.
    I am also developing an interest in Digital photography including Landscapes and Still life.

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    The Future

    I have always felt that the working environment most suited to me is one with a large use of computers involved. In this way I can bring the knowledge that I have to the work place, and hopefully also develop skills in new areas of computing. From the age of six I have always had a keen interest in computing technology, both hardware and software. Hopefully in the future I will be able to work in a secure stable environment where both I and my employer may benefit from my work.
    I am currently trying to develop a knowledge of programming using Mono which is the open source implementation of Microsofts .Net framework.

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