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Article Index

Welcome to the Article Index, this page serves as an Index to any Articles I have written. It does not as a rule include any opinion pieces or reviews. The latest articles can be found towards the top of the page. All will open in a new window


  • Analysis of a Compromised GMail Account

  • The courts and the internet - The Love Story unfolds

  • Privacy on the Internet

  • Howto encrypt your removeable media on Linux

  • How Social Networks can be used to help identify distributors of Copyright Infringing Material

  • How to regain my custom

  • Why is encryption not used more?

  • Why Censorship on the Net is a bad idea

  • What is a Computer Virus

  • Verification Validation and Testing

  • Understanding the Nigerian 411 scam

  • Truth and Fiction in Chain Email

  • Tips for fighting Password Theft

  • Maintaining PC Health on Home Networks

  • Best Practices for Network Security in Small and Medium sized businesses

  • Ridding your computer of the Security Tool Scareware Package

  • An Easier Method of Recovering Accidentally Deleted Files on Linux

  • Installing and using a T-Mobile ZTE MF626 USB 3G Mobile Broadband Dongle under Linux

  • SeaGate Drives Still Not Playing Ball with AutoPower Saving Mode

  • SeaGate Drives Still Not Playing Ball with AutoPower Saving Mode

  • Amazon Kindle DRM Broken

  • Managing Change in an IT Environment

  • Writing a front end for Claims_DB

  • Phorm, PR Master or PR Disaster

  • A quick look at WebWise Discover

  • Using the LG (Cookie) KP501/KP500 as a Dial Up Adaptor in Linux

  • The best bits of StopPhoulPlay

  • A look at Windows 7 RC

  • No Phoul Play Involved, Good Phorm by Bad Phorm

  • Censorship on the Net

  • Howto recover deleted Inodes on an Ext2 System

  • The Software Testing Process

  • How to secure a home network

  • Best practices for network security in small and medium sized businesses

  • How to identify Online Scams

  • Truth and Fiction in Chain E-Mails.

  • Phorming Relationships.

  • New searchable Articles index.

  • Trials and Tribulations

  • Creating Animations with GIMP and Lives

  • Linux Revision Script (PERL)

  • Speed Limits are Dangerous!

  • Getting Started With Linux Introduction Part 2 - Hardware

  • Getting Started WithLinux Introduction - Why use Linux

  • Getting StartedWith Linux - Article Index

  • GettingStarted With Linux Part 2 - Installing Software

  • Getting Started With Linux

  • The problem with software patents is.....

  • A word about the GPL

  • Another reason why DRM has to be stopped

  • Software Patents cannot be allowed

  • DRM has to be stopped!
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