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Welcome to the Archives, this page shows links to all pages and directories that have been 'archived'.

The purpose for this is simple, to help free up some space on the faster harddrive older un(or rarely) used files are moved to a slower harddrive.

This does mean that files listed here may take a little longer to load, it may also be that if you follow an old link you will get a 404 error.

In some cases I have included a symbolic link on the faster hardrive to maintain the web address of an older page.

Below are the listings of each Archive I make, I will try to avoid doing this where possible, but disused pages may well end up on the archive list from time to time.

Mrs Doolittles Pet Care
Quote of the hour (showing the last generated quote)
Main Index page for 2006
Index Part 2 for 2006
Index Part 3 for 2006
Index for first quarter of 2007
Original Blog Index 1
Original Blog Index 2
Original Blog Index 3
The Original Porcelain Pictures Page

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Below is a list of links to all the previous Frontpages on the site.

First Ever Front Page for

Front Page Archived 05-11-2006

Front Page for Final quarter of 2006

First Frontpage after the redesign

Frontpage archived 11-09-2007

Frontpage archived 18-03-2008

Frontpage archived 06-10-2008

Frontpage archived 02-12-2008

Frontpage archived 26-02-2009

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