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I am proud to be able to offer the following services;

  • PC Repair Services and Price list

  • Website Design

  • Web-Hosting

    PC Repair

    I am qualified in PC Repair and am pleased to offer a PC Repair service in the Suffolk area. I will repair your PC in the comfort of your own home, thus removing the need for you to transport the computer anywhere. I am experienced with both Windows and Linux Computers.

    Pricing for the PC Repair service can be found below

    10% of all proceeds will go to Marie Curie Cancer care.

    No Fix No Fee until November 31st 2006 (excludes call out charge)

    Call-out charges

    No call out charge for Ipswich or Kesgrave
    Up to 5 miles outside Ipswich - 10 Callout Charge

    More than 5 miles outside Ipswich - 1 per extra mile after 5 miles.

    In the interests of fairness I use the AA Routeplanner to calculate the journeys distance.

    Labour Charge - 10 per hour

    The Following Services do not incur a Labour charge

    Virus Removal

    Up to 5 Viruses - 20
    6-10 Viruses - 30
    11-20 Viruses - 40
    20+ Viruses - 55

    Adware/Spyware Removal - 35

    Operating System Re-install - 60

    The Following Services will incur a Labour charge

    Harddrive installation including transfer of old data - 15 + cost of hardware (if supplied by myself)

    Soundcard installation - 10 + cost of hardware (if supplied by myself)

    Software installation (Excluding Operating Systems) - 10 per software package + cost of software (if supplied by myself)

    Deleted Files Recovery - 20

    Troubleshooting (Unexplained behaviour etc.) - 5 per hour + Labour Charge + any other charges incurred

    To find out more please Contact Me

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    Website Design

    I offer a website design service, this includes the building of the website.
    An example of my work can be found here. I not only created the site but also the webcounter that is displayed on it.

    My Website Design service has several benefits

  • Tailored pricing
  • Discount on hosting fee if I build you site
  • Quick, easy and inexpensive
  • Search engine optimisation is performed whilst building the site

  • I prefer to create sites in HTML and CSS, however if necessary sites can also be created in;

  • Flash
  • PHP

  • To find out more please contact me

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    I offer a webhosting service, the connection is best suited to low bandwidth sites. However it is a perfect way to share photos with family, or to display some of your work online. Whatever your needs can cater for them.
    I can provide;

  • LAMP Stack
  • Password Protection
  • FTP Access
  • Webcounters
  • Maintenance Service
  • All needs considered

  • If I design and build your website then you will receive a discount on web-hosting.

    Prices are website dependant, if you are likely to use a higher amount of bandwidth then the cost is slightly higher.

    For an additional fee I also offer a maintenance service, if I designed and am hosting your website, then you can contact me with changes you want made and I will make them as quickly as possible. I already do this for one client, this option is best suited to someone whose web-site remains the same most of the time i.e. a business website. Websites that are regularly changing are not so well suited to this service. However all sites are eligible for this service, so if you do not know HTML or are not confident with it then this could be the ideal solution for you!

    To find out more please contact me

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