Ipswich Borough Council - Parking Permit Dispute Index

This page is intended to record the progress of my current dispute with Ipswich Borough Council (IBC) in regards to Resident Parking Permits. This page is intended to create a useful resource for anybody who discovers that they are encountering similar issues to myself. I have tried to the best of my ability to strip all names from the documents shown below, I have not changed any of the content, simply changed names and addresses where they appear.

All pages will open in a new window or tab. Communications from IBC are shown in Italic.

Why I began my correspondence with IBC

Letter to Parking Department at IBC dated 19th September 2006 (HTML)

Reply from parking Department dated 21 September 2006 (Text file)

Mileage Tracker research document (PDF)

Mileage Tracker additional sheet (PDF)

Letter to the Principal Parking Officer Dated 1st October 2006 (HTML)

Note acknowledging receipt of letter received 13/10/2006

Letter from a Parking Engineer in Parking Officers stead Dated 17 October 2006 (HTML)

Reply to Parking Engineer Dated 26th October 2006 (HTML)

Email to Parking Engineer Dated 05th November 2006 (HTML)

Link to IBCs study page

Email from Parking Engineer Received 06-11-2006 (HTML)

Reply to Parking engineer Sent 06-11-2006 (HTML)

Email sent 11-11-2006 To Bike Magazine's readers letters requesting support (HTML)

Reply from Principal Parking Officer by email received 15-11-2006 (HTML)

Email requesting update sent 27-11-2006 to Principal Parking Officer.(HTML)

Email sent to Principal Parking Officer 05-12-2006 (HTML)

Update on our situation

Notification of Success Received 5-12-2006

Reply to Notification

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