Receiving weather information in EcoWitt protocol and writing into InfluxDB and WOW

I recently acquired an EcoWitt weather station.

It comes as a kit, consisting of an EcoWitt GW110 Gateway and an EcoWitt WS69AN 7-in-1 Weather station.

It's advertised as being able to write into WeatherUnderground as well as EcoWitt's own service, so I figured I'd probably be able to do something to catch its writes and get them into InfluxDB.

The listing doesn't make it clear, but it actually supports configuring "custom" weather services, so this proved to be extremely straight forward so was largely just a case of building something to receive and parse the writes.

This post details how I did that and, in theory, how you can too (in principle, it should work with any of their weather stations)

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