• Aussie Comms Minister Puts Foot In Mouth

    This post was originally published to Freedom4All, you can find a copy of the original here in the archive.

    Australian communications minister – Stephen Conroy – has made a speech pledging to protect Australians from ’spams’ coming through their ‘portals’. 

    You could forgive the man for his obvious lack of technical literacy if it were not for his pet project – The Great Australian Firewall. 

    That’s right, the same man who publicly displayed a great level of ignorance, is behind the project that threatens Free Speech within Australia. His pet project has repeatedly received criticism, especially when the blacklist was leaked and it became apparant they were blocking perfectly legitimate content. 

    Despite his prior failures, the man soldiers on, today giving us such wonderful words as; 

    There’s a staggering number of Australians being in having their computers infected at the moment, up to 20,000 — uh — can regularly be getting infected by these spams or scams, that come through the portal. 

    Oh dear! We also wonder quite how the Minister plans to stop these ’spams or scams’ or any other malware for that matter. Would he, by any chance, be proposing that the GAF should also process every inbound e-mail? If so, the privacy implications grow ever greater! 

    You can watch the video here


  • Religious Group harnesses power of FaceBook to ban gig

    This post was originally posted on Freedom4All, you can view the original here.

    The Catholic Group ‘Catholics Taking Action’ have successfully used Facebook to oppose the ‘Black Metal’ festival scheduled to run in Sydney, Australia next weekend. 

  • Republished: Censorship on the Net

    This article was originally published on benscomputer.no-ip.org in May 2009

    Now we all know that countries such as China intercept and filter all Internet connections within their country. It cannot have escaped the attention of many that Australia has recently been testing a firewall (with some interesting revelations on Wikileaks.) There have been suggestions that the Germans tried to censor Wikileaks, although the disconnection of the site later turned out to be related to unpaid bills.

  • Republished: IWF Punts it's blacklist some more

    This article was originally published on benscomputer.no-ip.org in 2009

    Well, between them, the IWF and the NSPCC are doing quite a job of advertising their Child Porn Blacklist but it seems that some of the smaller ISP's are refusing to implement it. This is largely based on a cost vs benefit argument.

    And sadly, they are right. Such measures are incredibly easy to circumvent, and is not going to stop anyone even remotely interested in the material from viewing it, and that's just using a web browser, roll P2P into the equation and suddenly you start seeing how easy it would be to obtain. Let alone if you were to use one of the anonymous networks.....

  • South Africa plans Internet Filter

    This post was originally published on Freedom4All, you can find a copy of the original here.

    The South African Government has recently been making a lot of noise about pornography on the Internet. The end result being that the Government is planning to pass an act – Internet and Cell Phone Pornography Bill – forcing Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) to filter pornography both on the Internet and on mobile phones. 

    Most of the hardware required is probably already in place, as the Film and Publication Act bans pornography featuring children. However the South African Government is planning to expand this functionality by using the definition of pornography used in the Sexual Offences Act. 

  • UK High Court Approves National Censorship in the name of Copyright Protection

    At the UK's High Court, Justice Arnold made a decision that is not only stupid but dangerous. In the fight between the MPA and BT he ruled that Cleanfeed should be used to block the copyright infringing site Newzbin.

    Cleanfeed is a technology designed to do one thing - prevent access to child abuse material (the effectiveness of it is another matter). But now it will also be used to block Newzbin (and you can be sure other sites will follow).

    So why is the decision so utterly stupid?