Aussie Comms Minister Puts Foot In Mouth

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Australian communications minister – Stephen Conroy – has made a speech pledging to protect Australians from ’spams’ coming through their ‘portals’. 

You could forgive the man for his obvious lack of technical literacy if it were not for his pet project – The Great Australian Firewall. 

That’s right, the same man who publicly displayed a great level of ignorance, is behind the project that threatens Free Speech within Australia. His pet project has repeatedly received criticism, especially when the blacklist was leaked and it became apparant they were blocking perfectly legitimate content. 

Despite his prior failures, the man soldiers on, today giving us such wonderful words as; 

There’s a staggering number of Australians being in having their computers infected at the moment, up to 20,000 — uh — can regularly be getting infected by these spams or scams, that come through the portal. 

Oh dear! We also wonder quite how the Minister plans to stop these ’spams or scams’ or any other malware for that matter. Would he, by any chance, be proposing that the GAF should also process every inbound e-mail? If so, the privacy implications grow ever greater! 

You can watch the video here