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Changes to

I've recently made a few changes to, with some more in the pipeline.

This post gives details on the changes made so far.

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An Open Letter on Medicinal Cannabis in the UK

Today, I watched as one of our representatives denied the opportunity to even debate the benefits of Medicinal Cannabis. Such was his disregard for those suffering, he seems to have acted to prevent simple discussion of the pros and cons.

I'm ashamed to say that he's the MP for the Town I grew up in. For years I've watched people fruitlessly try to convince our MPs to listen, today was too much and I've decided that I need to put my head above the parapet and share my experience in this area.

Below is an open letter which I've sent to the leaders of the 3 main UK political parties

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Don't Use Web2Tor/Tor2Web (especially

Web2Tor and Tor2Web are reverse proxies which allows clearnet users to access Tor Onion Sites (AKA Hidden Services), and there are a variety of services available online (such as,, and onion direct) running this service.

This post details why using these is such a bad idea, as well as detailing some of the changes I'm making to the site to help discourage use of these services.

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A guide to designing Account Security Mechanisms

The history of the Internet is rife with examples of compromises arising both from poor security hygiene, and also from misguided attempts to "make it more secure" without first considering the implications of changes.

In this post, I'll be detailing some of the decisions you should be making when designing account security and user management functionality.

There's likely little in here that hasn't already been stated elsewhere, but I thought it might be helpful to put it all together in one post.

The post itself is quite long, so headings are clicky links to themselves. For those with limited time, there's a Cheat Sheet style summary towards the bottom.

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Scheduled Downtime

This site will be unavailable for a short period later whilst the hosting company performs some essential hardware maintenance on my origin server.

As a result, some pages on the site may be unavailable. will also be unavailable as a result, other subdomains (such as should remain available, although service may be limited.


Update 12:50 16/12

The maintenance has now been completed successfully and all services should be back online. Anyone experiencing issues should Contact me