• Joycon Analog Stick Replacement

  • Replacing the analog stick in the joycon for a Nintendo Switch.

    The process followed is the same as the one followed here.

  • Nintendo Switch Joycon Analog Stick Replacement

    Over time the analog sticks on the Nintendo Switch's joycons tend to fail, usually resulting in drift (i.e. it generates movement despite the stick being dead centre).

    This used to be an issue on N64 controllers too, though in fairness to Nintendo the sticks do take a hell of a beating, particularly if you're playing Super Smash Bros. On the other hand, outside of the 2 year warranty period Nintendo are downright predatory on their pricing for what's actually quite a simple fix.

    This documentation details how to replace the analogue stick on a Nintendo Switch Joycon - there's a video of the process at the bottom for those who prefer video tutorials

    All images are clicky.