HLS Stream Creator V1.0

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Project Info

HLS-Stream-Creator is a simple BASH Script designed to take a media file, segment it and create an M3U8 playlist for serving using HLS. There are numerous tools out there which are far better suited to the task, and offer many more options. This project only exists because I was asked to look into HTTP Live Streaming in depth, so after reading the IETF Draft I figured I'd start with the basics by creating a script to encode arbitrary video into a VOD style HLS feed.

Release Notes

Version 1.0 is the very first actual release of HLS-Stream-Creator. Up until this point the advice has always been to use the latest revision on the master branch. Releases were introduced under HLS-36 to allow easier identification of which bugs affected which versions/revisions of the script.

As a result, every issue to date currently falls under Version 1.0, these can be viewed here.

Relevant Issues

  • HLS-6 - Support for Adaptive Streams
  • HLS-8 - Support for using linear streams as input
  • HLS-27 - Support for multiple output resolutions
  • HLS-35 - Bugfix: Correct issue with key specification in manifest