• RemoteHashStore Documentation

    RemoteHashStore is an API designed for use by the PHP Changed Binaries monitoring script. It's function is to simply maintain a database of file hashes and compare those hashes against those submitted when checking files. This documentation relates to the client included in the PHP Changed Binaries system. See the relevant documentation if you're attempting to build a client for the RemoteHashStore API (Coming Soon!).

  • RemoveAMP: V1.3

    Code:View 1.3 on Github / Public Repos

    Project Info

    RemoveAMP is a userscript for Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey designed to pull in a short snippet of javascript that will attempt to detect Accelerated Mobile Pages when they load, and navigate away from them to the fully functional canonical URLs. If the publisher hasn't specified the canonical, a DuckDuckGo search link will be injected into the page to help you find it.

    See the Project README and MISC-25 for more information on why I consider this desirable

    Release Notes

    Version 1.3 is a performance improvement release

    Relevant Issues

    • 9701149 - Run only once per root page load (do not trigger for subresources)