• MySQL Cheatsheet

    I started an article on basic MySQL Tips and Tricks a little while ago, but never quite finished it. This documentation contains those tips as well as some additional techniques I've picked up

  • Recovering from corrupted InnoDB Pages

    I recently encountered an issue with various InnoDB pages becoming corrupted on the database that plays host to my JIRA install. It was - to some extent - a mess of my own making for mixing production and development databases (or more precisely, for hosting that production database on a dev machine).

    Lesson learnt, sure, but I still needed to address the issue so that I could get JIRA up and running again.

    This documentation details the steps to follow - it won't resolve every case of corruption, but it resolved the issues I was seeing

  • Recovering from InnoDB Page Corruption: A Post Mortem

    Recovering from InnoDB Page Corruption: A Post-Mortem

    I recently wrote about how to Repair a database following InnoDB Page corruption.

    This post is a post-mortem of the circumstances that led to the corruption prompting that post. Some of it comes from log observation, other elements are from re-creating the circumstances in a VM.

  • Registering Existing MySQL Databases in Plesk

    Many businesses use Plesk to manage their webserver, what happens though if you import databases from the command line rather than through Plesk? The databases will be valid, and will work but won't be visible in Plesk (meaning no PHPMyAdmin access).

    There are a lot of solutions to this listed on the net, but all either seem to carry the potential for extended downtime or are quite mandrolic. This document details an alternative method, which should hopefully leave downtime at less than a minute, but only applies to Plesk running with a MySQL server (usually on Linux or similar).

  • Resetting MySQL Admin Users Password when Forgotten

    It happens to the best of us, you set a password a long time ago and just cannot remember what it was!. This Documentation will talk you through the process of resetting the admin users password on MySQL


  • Useful MySQL Tricks

    This was originally going to be an article, but I got sidetracked whilst drafting it, so haven't really got much further than scrawling a couple of notes down! It may be of use to some though;

    It's also now been superseded by a (slightly) more complete MySQL Cheatsheet