• Magento: Object __tostring() cannot take arguments

    I came up against this issue in Magento earlier.

    Method Varien_Object::__toString() cannot take arguments

    There's quite a lot of documentation about this on the net, so really this post is more for my own reference should I hit up against it again!

  • Unable to check for Euro Symbol in POST data

    I came across an interesting issue this week, having created a form to submit data I then needed to check against stored values to pre-populate fields if a user had already completed the form. Pretty simple stuff really, not much more to it than

    <input type="checkbox" value="$val" <?php if ($stored == $val){ echo " checked"; } ?>

    But, I found that where the euro symbol (€) is concerned, things can get quite difficult. 

    This documentation details the issue I found and how to work around it.