• Automating Our Heating

    A little while ago, I wrote some musings on Home Automation and made reference to our heating setup.

    As it's had a bit of time (and some poor weather) to run and be improved upon, I thought it might be helpful/interesting to lay out a bit more detail on the setup I'm now using.

    We got a NEST thermostat during an unexpected boiler replacement, unfortunately it's smart features didn't live up to expectations, trying to overcome that led me down the path that I'll describe in this post.


    My intention was that the eventual system should meet a few basic requirements

    • Certain rooms should be able to call for heat when needed (not supported by the NEST product line as they don't currently have radiator heads)
    • Boiler/Heating usage should be minimised where comfortably possible
    • Decisions should be auditable - ok, the heating came on, but why?