• Vehicle Fuel Tracker

    The ultimate successor to Vehman, Vehicle Fuel Tracker was a Joomla based site allowing TCO to be tracked for vehicles

    The user-facing portion was simply a custom Joomla extension which communicated with the FuelTracker backend via API, and presented the information returned

    It allowed generation of graphs showing average MPG, total expenditure, servicing costs etc for any vehicle in the system.

    Although I discontinued the service in 2017, I still use a private version of the system in order to track my mileage

  • Vehman

    Vehman was a system to track the Total Cost of Ownership for vehicles

    The primary component was a fuel consumption tracker, allowing you to generate reports on average MPG, distance travelled by month etc.

    It ultimately evolved into a purely API based system, with the front-end being presented as a custom Joomla extension on VehicleFuelTracker.co.uk