• Microdata for Joomla

    Microdata For Joomla was a Virya Technologies project

    The concept was to provide Joomla extensions, template overrides and plugins in order to automatically generate semantic markup within a Joomla site - this was at a time when Joomla didn't generate any.

    My involvement was to create the products we'd be selling, including a plugin - Microdata Library - allowing Schema.org to be both manually specified, and automatically generated

  • Virya Software

    Virya Software was a wholly owned subsidiary of Virya Technologies

    My role within Virya Technologies increasing included software development demands - where the work wasn't bespoke to a customer, the result was usually sold on through Virya Software - at least, if it was a Joomla Extension.

    I was involved in development of (amongst others): Bookmarks Reloaded, HTML Map 2, RoomBookings Reloaded, Joomdle payment plugin for Virtuemart, K2 Extra fields Search plugin, K2 Url-Shortener support plugin, Microdata Library Plugin, Opengraph Markup insertion plugin, Akeebasubs integration for Virtuemart

  • Virya Technologies

    Virya Technologies was an ethical IT services business, providing IT Support, Web design and software development services to other businesses.

    My role was primarily focused around IT support and software development - more details can be found in my Online Resume

    I did, however, when occasion demanded help out with the web design workload (primarily Joomla focused)