• Female Black Headed Gull

    A close in shot of a Female Black Headed Gull at Needham Lake in Suffolk. There seems to be quite a few of these species around the lake, although I can't recall seeing them in previous years. The gull is in winter plumage - the head darkens as breeding season approaches.
  • Flooded River

    A view of the river Gipping in Claydon, it's burst its banks due to recent heavy rainfall and snow.
  • Needham View

    This photo is a view across Needham Lake in Suffolk. The lake used to be a gravel quarry but was flooded in the 1970's and has remained so ever since. The birds on the surface of the lake are largely moorhens and black headed gulls.
  • River Lark

    View of the River Lark in Suffolk captured from the stern of a 62 foot narrow boat
  • Snowset Leaf

    Macro shot of the leaf of a wild plant. Due to a recent snowstorm you can see particles of snow still being held on the surface of the leaves.
  • Unusual Weather

    An abstract portrait of the Woodbridge sunset, original image was taken at Melton Riverside
  • Watercolour Rig

    A high ISO, long exposure shot of one of the Sizewell off-shore platforms gives a dark, almost painted effect
  • Wattisham War Memorial

    The Memorial Stone outside Wattisham Airfield in Suffolk. During WWII the airfield was home to the RAF and USAF. Now the airfield is home to the Army Air Corps, REME and the Apache MKII Attack Helicopter.