• Installing FFMpeg on CentOS 5

    I'm not actually a huge fan of running things like ffmpeg on servers without good reason, but the popularity of extensions such as hwdMediaShare means that sometimes you have to install it.

    Normally, it'd be a simple yum install ffmpegbut as it's not really server software it's not in the default repositories, this documentation explains the steps needed to install (without compiling from source). It's CentOS 5 specific, but should actually apply to 6 as well so long as you add the 5 specific repos.

  • Republished: Looking at the Digital Britain Report

    Originally published on Benscomputer.no-ip.org 16 June 2009

    Well, the long awaited 'Digital Britain' report is out. It's 254 pages long, and not being at the RSA I haven't had chance to have a full read through yet. I have managed to pick out a few highlights though, and although certain sections made me want to throttle whoever suggested Lord Carter was the right man, he does redeem himself in other areas.

    So lets take a look at the good and then the bad;