Version: Proof of Concept

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    Project Info

    DNS Chat isn't intended to be a useful utility - it's an intellectual exercise to prove the concept

    The main point being that no matter how much interception the Government inflicts on it's populace, there will always be simple clandestine methods of communicating - it is in essence a response to claims such as those made by David Cameron following the Paris Attacks - ("There should be no means of communication which we cannot read") - a massive invasion of privacy in order to achieve an unattainable goal

    Release Notes

    This version implements the basic Proof of Concept capability, with PGP encrypted (AES-256) messages being sent on a Peer 2 Peer basis using DNS queries as the transport.

    Information on how to use this version, as well as the underlying design decisions, can be found here

  • PGP Encrypted Text Chat Via DNS

    In a recent post, I alluded to having given a little bit of thought to ways in which clandestine communications could be achieved.

    Having given a little more thought to the idea, I was unable to resist the temptation to build a small proof of concept - if only to see whether there were any obstacles that I hadn't considered.

    This post is the documentation for DNSChat - a small proof of concept enabling PGP encrypted text chat using DNS Queries as a transport mechanism