• Lotto Predict

    LottoPredict was a simply statistical exercise to see whether analysis of ball draw rates could lead to predicting some of the balls to be drawn

    The underlying engine compromised of a site scraper (in order to collect and collate lottery results), the analysis engine and a simple REST API in order to retrieve results, generate predictions etc.

    The concept ultimately led to the development of a better API, and the release of my mod_lotto Joomla extension.

  • mod_lotto

    mod_lotto (AKA LottoPredict) is a module for Joomla 2.5 onwards. It fulfils a range of functions including the display of recent results.

    This documentation details how to configure the module to suit your needs

  • mod_lotto

    Mod_lotto is a Joomla module (also known as LottoPredict) designed to display and check results from the UK's National Lottery and Thunderball games. 

    Uses the Public API key for LottoPredict, but supports personal keys too.

    Supports Joomla 2.5, does not support 1.5.



    • Main Lotto Draw Results
    • Euromillions Results
    • Thunderball Results
    • Lucky Dip Generation
    • Check Results against last 6 months of draws