• Mod_GoogPlus Feed

    Mod_GoogPlusFeed is a simple module designed to embed your (public) Google+ posts into a Joomla! site. It allows visitors and search-engines to see your latest posts.

    The core principles when building the module were

    • Shouldn't slow page loads
    • Shouldn't contain un-necessary chrome
    • Should display posts to Google+

    The documentation details the use and configuration of the module in more depth, however as a summary the module supports

    • Light and Dark themes
    • Customisable Date display formats
    • Direct link to Post
    • Direct link to Google+ profile
    • Support for caching
    • Display of posts within a Google Community

    The module comes with a pre-configured Google+ API key, however it is recommended that you follow the steps in the documentation to create your own.

    You can view Mod_GoogPlusFeed on my About Me page.


    New in Version 1.4

    • Version 1.4 merges the Joomla! 2.5 and Joomla! 3.x versions, so the same package works on either version
    • The module can now send a RPC Pingback to Google whenever your Google+ feed changes (see documentation for more information)


  • Mod_GoogPlusFeed

    mod_GoogPlusFeed logoGoogle+ Feed (Mod_GoogPlusFeed) is a module designed to embed your Google+ posts into a Joomla site in the way that mod_btwitter does for Twitter. The core principle of the design is that it shouldn't contain un-necessary chrome and shouldn't slow page load.

    The module can also display all posts within a Google Community - Simply specify the community ID instead of a user ID!

    This documentation details how to configure mod_GoogPlusFeed


  • Virtualisation: Google Play Music Manager cannot identify your computer

    Although there seem to be an increasing number of things which irritate me about Google's Play Music, there's no denying that it's an incredibly convenient way to listen to music when not at home. Whether using the Android App, or playing in a browser, it makes your library available wherever you are.

    It's a pity then, that Google have decided to make it such a royal PITA to upload music (I'm also not too happy about the requirement to have card details on file, even if you plan on using the free version - you should only ever need to provide card details when the plan is to actually use them, it reduces the likelihood of them being compromised).

    As Google's Play Music Manager now won't run on my desktop (something I need more introduces a conflicting dependency , I figured I'd run Music Manager in a virtual machine and just point it at the right NFS share.

    Turns out it wasn't quite so simple, as Music Manager returns the error 'Login failed. Could not identify your computer'.

    After some digging, it's incredibly easy to resolve though.