• Republished: A look at the Windows 7 RC

    Originally published on Benscomputer.no-ip.org 06 May 2009 (Images sadly missing at restoration time)

    So, being a fairly well balanced person, I thought I would give Windows 7 at least the benefit of the doubt. So after a surprisingly quick download (either MS prepped their servers, or everyone else has been using Bittorrent!), I started installing Windows 7 Build 7100.

  • Republished: Windows 7 vs Karmic Koala

    Originally published on Benscomputer.no-ip.org 01 Nov 2009 - (Images were missing at time of restoration)

    Ubuntu 9.10 was released a couple of days ago with the codename 'Karmic Koala', there were plenty of reviews written immediately after the release, but this one is different? Why? Because I've taken the time to actually use the system.

    I reviewed Windows 7 a few days ago, so let's start by taking a look at Koala. I'm using the Kubuntu release as I'm not a fan of Gnome.

  • Republished: Windows 7: the Verdict

    Originally published on Benscomputer.no-ip.org 25 October 2009

    Windows 7 has been released for all the world to use and abuse, so what do we think of it? You may recall that I wrote a review of the Windows 7 RC back in May I never got quite as far as writing a review of the RTM, which is a pity because there were a number of changes.

    However, the final 'polished' version has now been released. So let's see what the final judgement is.