• The DVLA is routinely sending sensitive details via email

    It's that time of year - time to renew car tax. I figured I'd give the monthly direct debit a go and see whether paying the extra little bit is worth avoiding the yearly pain of remembering you need to find a few hundred quid up front.

    For anyone who's not used it yet, the process of setting up is smooth and easy (in an almost distinctly non-government IT way), unfortunately it turns out there's a fairly big issue with the final step.

    I should be fair, and point out that the service is provided by DirectGov rather than the DVLA directly, but IMHO it remains the DVLA's responsibility.

  • The Importance of a Good Document Retention Policy

    Most businesses will create and rely on hundreds if not thousands of documents every year. We all recognise the importance of retaining these documents until we can be sure they are no longer required, but what of the other resources we use?

    This paper examines how businesses can protect themselves by ensuring a comprehensive retention policy is designed and enforced.

    Originally published at Virya Technologies.


    File: The Importance of a Document Retention Policy