• Republished: Tips for fighting password theft

    Originally published on Benscomputer.no-ip.org Jan 2010.


    Password theft is a fast growing business, in the age of the internet a singular word or phrase is often all you need to verify your identity. Unfortunately this token is all that is needed for someone else to adopt your identity, and potentially commit fraud or criminal acts in your name.

    Everything seems to be online in this day and age, whether it's your bank, your mail or your shopping. Each of these require a unique login to identify you. Unfortunately usernames can be quite easy to come by, in fact on many sites your username is public (Ebay is a good example of this).

    So how do you protect yourself from this threat? Generally it simply requires a little bit of common sense. You wouldn't provide just anyone with a copy of the key to your house, so why do the same for your online persona?