• BGitHub Feed

    GitHub Feed is a simple module designed to call the GitHub API so that you can display the latest commits to a repository on your Joomla! site. During development of the module, the ability to optionally display a list of issues was added, as was the ability to display a (very) basic profile for a single user.

    This documentation details how to configure mod_BGitHub_feed


  • JoomShopping Plugin for ObRSS

    JoomShopping Plugin for ObRSS allows you to generate an RSS feed for your shop using the popular ObRSS component. It's intended as an alternative to the plugin sold by Foobla as that version may or may not work with later versions of ObRSS.

    This post is the documentation for the plugin.

  • mod CatImplode

    mod_CatImplode is a Joomla module designed to display all articles within a com_content category as one indexed article. It was designed to increase the manageability of API documentation for VehicleFuelTracker.

    This article forms the user documentation for the module

  • mod_btwitter

    mod_BTwitter is a simple module designed to embed a users timeline into Joomla based sites.mod_BTwitter logo At the core of it's design is the principle that there should be no un-necessary chrome and page load speed should not be adversely affected.

    This documentation details how to use mod_BTwitter

  • Mod_GoogPlusFeed

    mod_GoogPlusFeed logoGoogle+ Feed (Mod_GoogPlusFeed) is a module designed to embed your Google+ posts into a Joomla site in the way that mod_btwitter does for Twitter. The core principle of the design is that it shouldn't contain un-necessary chrome and shouldn't slow page load.

    The module can also display all posts within a Google Community - Simply specify the community ID instead of a user ID!

    This documentation details how to configure mod_GoogPlusFeed


  • mod_lotto

    mod_lotto (AKA LottoPredict) is a module for Joomla 2.5 onwards. It fulfils a range of functions including the display of recent results.

    This documentation details how to configure the module to suit your needs

  • mod_yourData

    mod_yourData is a Joomla! module allowing you to show site visitors exactly what data your site is storing within their browser. It includes support for Cookies, Session Storage Objects and Local Storage Objects. Given ever-increasing awareness of Privacy online, it's important that sites are as transparent as possible.

    The ideal use of this module would be to assign it to a custom position and then include with your site's Privacy statement using Joomla's LoadPosition plugin.

    This page is the user documentation for the module, you can also view the Demo here

  • RPC Ping Plugin

    The RPC Ping plugin is a simple Joomla! Extension designed to tell search engines when your sitemap is updated. By default, the plugin triggers whenever you save a com_content item (or a K2 item), but can also be configured to only send an update when new items are added.

    This post is the documentation for the plugin.