• Fitwatch: Did the Police Overstep their Authority?

    This post was originally published to Freedom4All, you can find a copy of the original here in the archive.

    Few will have missed the news that the site Fitwatch was taken offline at the request of the police. The site has called it a “pathetic attempt” and many have criticised the move as censorship. The Police, for their part, claimed that the site was “attempting to pervert the course of Justice”. 

    So which argument is correct? Did Fitwatch slip up, or have the Police attempted to suppress a critical voice? 

  • Modern Feminism is Dangerous

    I'll start by clarifying what I mean by feminism - I don't mean the right to equality, equal pay etc - at this point those should really be considered common sense, even if we're not quite there yet. To me modern feminism appears to be far more fundamentalist than that and it's an incredibly dangerous path to follow.

    The campaign 'Lose the lads mags' (backed by UK Feminista) is an ideal example of this. I can completely understand the sentiments being expressed, and yet the focus seems to be solely on magazines aimed at blokes. 

    In this post, we'll be looking at what the campaign group seems to be missing, and why it's so dangerous for them to be attempting to force their views onto others. Although we'll be using this as an example, the aim is to try and ensure that all points raised are applicable to most of the current 'feminist' topics.

  • Thousands of bloggers silenced

    This post was originally published to Freedom4All, you can find a copy of the original here in the archive.

    The Internet is usually synonymous to Free Speech, but each and every one of it’s users (and publishers) are dependant on a myriad of organisations and companies. A failure, or abuse, at any one point can have severe implications for free speech. 

    Such is the case with Blogetry.com, a site that hosted many thousands of personal and business blogs. Not long ago, the site was taken completely offline following “a notice of a critical nature from law enforcement officials”. The site had been home to over 70,000 blogs, but went dark as the company hosting the site – BurstNet – was informed that terrorist related materials had been found on the server. This allegedly included an Al-Qaeda “hit list”, bomb making instructions, messages from Bin Laden and links to other sites containing extreme material. 

    As a result, the site was “terminated without any notification or explanation“. So in effect, inappropriate content on a few blogs was responsible for the sudden removal of around 70,000 innocent blogs. 

  • Twitter Bomb Joker Launches Appeal

    This post was originally published to Freedom4All, a copy of the original can be found here.

    Paul Chambers was due to fly to Ireland to meet a girl and, in frustration, posted the following on his Twitter Account 

    Crap! Robin Hood airport is closed. You’ve got a week and a bit to get your shit together, otherwise I’m blowing the airport sky high! 

    This post was noticed by an off-duty airport worker. Despite the airport never considering the message a credible threat, the Airport was duty bound to pass the intelligence onto the authorities (whether by Policy or by statute isn’t entirely clear at this point). Paul was arrested at work a week later, contributing to the loss of his Finance Supervisor Job. 

  • What is this blog about

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