• All Digital Downloads Withdrawn From Sale

    As I wrote recently, the EU definition of the Place of Supply with regard to digital services has shifted to the place in which the customer resides.

    As a result of the change (and more importantly, the bureaucracy involved in both recording the place of supply and filing returns) all digital downloads within my Shop section have been withdrawn from sale.

    You can read more about why this decision had to be made in my earlier post.

    If, for whatever reason, you've a burning desire to purchase something that was previously on sale, please Contact Me to arrange a manual transaction.


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  • Shop section closing 31 December 2014

    The shop section of my site will be closing for business on 31 December 2014 and I'll be withdrawing all digital downloads from sale.

    It's not something I actually wanted to have to do, but as the changes to the EU VAT rules come into effect on the 1 January 2015 (HMRC at least are calling it VAT MOSS), the additional overhead involved in compliance means that running the shop will likely no longer be financially feasible.

    The closure will include everything in my (somewhat small) shop, so

    • Joomla Extensions
    • Ebooks
    • Credlocker Extensions
    • Photos