This section contains any news not related to a specific project

BUGGER Database restoration successful!

I have successfully recovered the BUGGER database, and a good number of the release files.

In the short term, I will be aiming to re-launch BUGGER as the main project portal. Longer term however, I want to give BUGGER a massive overhaul and integrate it more with this site, so watch this space!

I've been posting some of the files that I have recovered in an attempt to fill some of the gaps in my project history, but will refrain from posting everything as I'll eventually be aiming to migrate everything back to BUGGER!


In the meantime, a readonly version of BUGGER is live at so that historic bugs can be viewed.

BUGGER offline

Some may have noticed that BUGGER is no longer on-line. This is the result of a hardware failure on the hosting server, but there are currently no plans to restore the system. Instead, projects will slowly be migrated over to


Most of my projects will continue to be administered and released through BUGGER. New releases will be announced here, but hosted on the old server.

Newer projects may be hosted and managed here.