Send Custom Headers

Send Custom Headers is a plugin for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3 allowing you to conditionally send custom HTTP Headers and cookies. Its primary design is to allow easy implementation of Reverse Proxy Caching with caching of certain pages disabled.

The plugin has the following features;

  • Rule based processing
    • Send Header(s)/Cookie(s) only when a user is (or isn't) logged in
    • Only send on Front-end, or back-end or both
    • Force enable/disable when connection is SSL
    • Force enable/disable for certain URLs
    • Force enable/disable for certain components
  • Support for multiple headers
  • Support for multiple cookies
  • Easy Debug mode

You should read the documentation (and the warnings within) before enabling the plugin on your site. However the plugin will install in an unpublished state, giving you the opportunity to correctly configure it before enabling

This plugin is no longer actively supported, and so can now be obtained (for free) from my Public Repos